Tania Olsen

Tania Olsen

Tania Olsen Wedding Gowns

Show Stoppers

Vibrant colours, luxe fabrics and show-stopping embellishments, well known for a sophisticated yet playful style. Each dress cuts a unique silhouette designed for diverse audience. With many gowns available in sizes 4-30, we are committed to #alifewelldressed, inspiring women of all shapes and sizes to shine with confidence at their special event.

Tania Olsen Bridal Dresses

Elegance and Femininity

Tania Olsen Designs’ collection of Bridal provides a refreshing selection of modern, approachable pieces - woven with elegance and femininity. It is also a great option for a bride on a budget as they are very affordable.

Tania Olsen Wedding Dresses

Shine with confidence.